[ti:All Cried Out] [ar:Gareth Gates] [al:Go Your Own Way] [la:en] [00:01.81]All Cried Out [00:04.51]Gareth Gates [00:07.14] [00:10.76]Tear drops in my eyes [00:13.78]Came everyday with the sunrise [00:16.35]It's been that [00:18.54]Way as long as you've been gone [00:21.11]I thought the day would start [00:24.33]Same as the others fallin' apart I [00:26.38]Thought I barely would be hanging on [01:25.78][00:32.33]Somethin's changed [01:26.80][00:33.75]Feel so strange [01:28.18][00:34.83]Swimmin' through an ocean of pain [01:31.18][00:37.62]Then suddenly here's the sun [03:13.98][02:51.75][02:28.31][01:34.59][00:42.64]Maybe I had enough of ya [03:15.45][02:53.82][02:33.30][01:39.11][00:45.82]Maybe I'm tired of dreamin' of ya [03:17.75][02:56.50][02:35.13][01:41.54][00:48.38]Maybe I've gotten over your goodbye by now [03:22.75][03:02.06][02:39.87][01:47.16][00:53.26]Baby I couldn't live without you [03:25.71][03:04.47][02:43.06][01:49.60][00:56.24]Not when I think about you [03:28.14][03:06.79][02:45.79][01:52.24][00:58.84]My eyes are dry somehow [03:31.60][03:10.09][02:48.45][01:55.55][01:01.81]Maybe I'm all cried out [01:58.52][01:05.82](I'm only human) [02:00.53][01:08.59]All cried out [02:03.28][01:10.35](Of flesh and blood, a man) [03:35.20] [01:15.12]I don't know what it is [01:17.47]Why I'm no longer missin' your kiss it [01:20.31]Feels mysterious and so damn good [02:08.25]My heart has finally walked away [02:12.20]It's gone from the scene of the crime [02:17.14]It's finally found the perfect place [02:23.67]For leaving you far behind [02:27.79]Baby maybe I