[ti:Enemy] [ar:Cascada] [al:] [00:01.58]Cascada - Enemy [00:03.30] [00:11.82]Do you know [00:13.94]We're stuck in the middle 2 ways to go [00:17.46]Words inside my head [00:18.71]but you don't wanna know [00:21.34]We've been hurt before [00:23.00]but why can't we let it go [00:26.24] [00:27.32]You know I [00:29.69]I've been searching for this love all my life [00:33.33]I can't stand this pain [00:34.62]won't you please tell me why [00:37.06]you still hide away [00:38.73]you don't need to be afraid [00:41.98] [01:44.46][00:42.85]I will be waiting here for you to realize [01:48.19][00:46.70]open your heart to me [01:50.62][00:48.58]you'll see it through my eyes [01:52.99][00:51.68] [02:53.89][01:54.17][00:52.77]If you could read my mind [02:57.76][01:58.26][00:56.78]Nothing I need to say [02:59.57][02:00.14][00:58.62]You'd never run away [03:01.63][02:02.02][01:00.64]How can I make you start believing? [03:05.61]I'm not the enemy [02:05.99][01:04.55]that I'm not the enemy [03:09.63][02:10.28][01:08.76]If you could read my mind [03:13.57][02:14.07][01:12.71]all the things I feel inside [03:17.65][02:17.99][01:16.58]then you'd see [03:20.54][01:19.47]that I'm not the enemy [03:22.95][02:22.74][01:21.91] [03:24.62][02:46.27][02:21.14][01:23.81]I'm not the enemy [03:27.34][02:50.45][01:26.44] [01:28.99]Do you know [01:31.19]you're the air I breathe and I wanna show [01:34.94]what's inside my head [01:36.00]know that you're not alone [01:38.61]push your fears away [01:40.28]cause I am still holding on [01:43.61] [02:23.95]Cause nothin' feels the same [02:25.63]everytime you say my name [02:27.84]and I need you to know [02:29.74] [02:31.74]that we need to make a change [02:33.79]stop playin' these foolish games [02:36.30]