[ti:BLAQ% (Theme)] [ar:MBLAQ] [al:MBLAQ 4th Mini Album 'BLAQ%Ver.] 匹配时间为: 01 分 15 秒 的歌曲 [00:01.42]MBLAQ - BLAQ% (Theme) [00:02.57] [00:07.88]Music boys live in absolute quality(x2) [00:14.13]MBLAQ, BLAQ Percent(x2) [00:20.52] [00:21.75]Yo what happen here! you thought we dead? [00:24.90]we stronger now to the black percent! [00:28.18] [00:32.85]It's just beginning now [00:34.80](Oh)this music's reason that i fell for your seduction [00:38.60]and i ain't tyrna play with passing solution [00:41.63]But i can't hold it long [00:43.51]It makes me impatient (impatient) [00:45.25]Oh burn it up it's just beginning now(x2) [00:54.24]Oh burn it up burn it up just it's beginning now [00:59.13]MBLAQ is back [01:02.59]