[ti:I Need U] [ar:麻吉弟弟(周立铭)] [al:OH My!!] [00:18.25]What am I gonna do now, I can't seem to think of anything else [00:21.64]your pretty face, your perfect skin [00:23.72]I love the way your hair blows in the wind, every time you smile [00:27.49]I feel a warmth from within, I'm constantly thinking of ways, to say [00:32.19]'hi I'm Andrew chou"...oh man,I don't know how, to do it, I got cold feet [00:37.35]just thinking about it, maybe ill just, wrutw her a song, that goes like this... [00:42.01]就算每天人来人往 是那么吵闹 [00:48.09]除了你我全都听不到 [00:53.92]我的心去了哪里 想请你帮我找到 [01:00.08]你的爱藏在哪里 分给我好不好 [01:05.63]小小的世界少了你 我快要疯掉 [01:11.87]除了你 我谁都不想要 [01:16.39]I need you now I'll do anything you ask,just give me a chance [01:20.63]help you with your homework, even carry your school books [01:23.23]I won't even call you a thief, Even though its my heart that you took [01:26.46]don't matter to me, what my friends say I just say took, [01:29.71]Maybe I don't know what true love is [01:32.06]but I've never felt like this,"hi im andrew chou" just gotta get past this [01:35.72]And let you know I exist, and then you'll see, that god put you on this earth, just for me... [01:41.84]就算爱情天荒地老 是那么难熬 [01:47.89]为了你我一定做得到 [01:53.89]我的心去了哪里 想请你帮我找到 [01:59.90]你的爱藏在哪里 分给我好不好 [02:05.76]小小的世界少了你 我快要疯掉 [02:11.96]除了你我谁都不想要 I need you now [02:41.95]我的心去了哪里 想请你帮我找到 [02:47.89]你的爱藏在哪里 分给我好不好 [02:53.90]小小的世界少了你 我快要疯掉 [02:59.77]除了你我谁都不想要 I need you now [03:22.36][02:20.64]