[ti:I Left my Heart in San Francisco] [ar:Westlife] [al:Allow Us To Be Frank] [by:宝宝的怪怪] [offset:500] [00:02.02]制作:^宝宝的怪怪^ [00:05.35] [00:08.09]The loveliness of Paris [00:12.47]Seems someshow sadly gay [00:17.60]The glory that was Rome [00:21.15]Is of another day [00:24.92] [00:25.52]I've been terribly alone [00:28.73]And forgotten in Manhattan [00:32.47]I'm going home [00:36.04]To my city by the bay [00:42.45] [00:45.00]I left my heart [00:51.99]In San Francisco [01:01.11]High on the hill [01:06.83]It calls to me. [01:14.61]To be where little cables cars [01:23.27]Climb halfaway to the stars! [01:31.65]The morning fog may chill the air. [01:42.56] [01:43.25]I don't care! [01:45.00]My love waits there in San Francisco [02:00.81]Above the blue and windy sea. [02:13.73]When I come home to you [02:24.18]San Francisco [02:29.94]Your golden sun will shine for me! [02:46.48] [02:48.04]欢迎光临 天下网 [02:49.56]www.txia.com