[ti:HANDS OF TIME(我的野蛮女友)] [ar:Masai Ueda] [al:我的野蛮女友] [offset:500] [00:00.01]HANDS OF TIME [00:02.28]我的野蛮女友 [00:05.66]LETTING YOU GO OUT OF MY SIGHT [00:10.08]IS SO MUCH EASIER [00:17.48]LOSING YOU GIRL FROM MY HEART [00:21.31]I KNOW I JUST COULD NOT BEAR [00:27.74]NOW THAT YOU'RE NO LONGER HERE [00:31.61]ALL I ASK OF YOU [00:33.47]IS GRACING ME WITH YOU SWEETEST MEMORIES [00:37.18]WHEN I NEED TO SHARE [00:39.83]OH HOW I LONG TO TURN THE HANDS OF TIME [03:14.00][02:16.38][00:50.66]YOU APPEAR CHEARER THAN THE LIGHT [03:20.25][02:23.02][00:57.46]NO ONE'S EVER TAKING YOU A WAY [03:24.54][02:27.28][01:01.68]FROM MY SOUL [03:25.98][02:28.71][01:02.86]CUZ NOW YOU FEEL CLOSER THAN YOU WERE [03:31.45][02:34.48][01:08.73]IN MY ARMS THAT'S WHERE YOU OUGHT TO STAY [03:37.28][02:40.25][01:14.13]IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU'VE BEEN [03:30.01][02:42.73][01:17.21]DOESN'T MATTER HOW OR WHEN [03:43.35][02:45.89][01:20.26]TO GETHER AND FOREVER MORE [03:48.38][02:51.10][01:25.31]IN TUNE [02:59.18] [01:31.60]I COULDN'T BELIEVE THE ROAD THAT FATE [01:35.58]WOULD LEADVS TO SO SUDDENLY [01:42.75]CURSING THE HEAVENS CURSING ALL THE DREAMS [01:48.07]THAT YOU LET ME SEE [01:52.56]AND THEN THE SUN ROSE AGAIN [01:57.07]MADE MEREALIZE THERE IS A REASON [02:01.47]FOR EVERY THING THAT HAPPENS IN THE END [02:08.69]OH YOU AND I CAN TURN THE HANDS OF TIME [02:08.69]OH YOU AND I CAN TURN THE HANDS OF TIME