[ti:Blue Monday ] [ar:Gregorian] [al:Master of Chant III] [00:00.00]Blue Monday [00:04.04]Gregorian [00:08.56]Master of Chant III [00:12.08] [00:17.37]How does it feel [00:21.32]To treat me like you do [00:25.31]When you laid your hands upon me [00:29.16]And told me who you are [00:33.19] [00:34.41]Thought I was mistaken [00:38.54]I thought I heard your words [00:42.35]Tell me how do I feel [00:46.54]Tell me now how do I feel [00:50.64] [00:51.72]Those who came before me [00:55.68]Lived through their vocations [00:59.36]From the past until completion [01:03.76]They will turn away no more [01:07.39] [01:08.08]I still find it so hard [01:12.49]To say what I need to say [01:16.43]But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me [01:20.65]Just how I should feel today [01:30.02] [01:42.44]I see a ship in the harbour [01:47.52]I can and shall obey [01:51.19]But if it wasn't for your misfortunes [01:55.36]I'd be a heavenly person today [01:58.76] [01:59.74]And I thought I was mistaken [02:03.96]And I thought I heard you speak [02:08.23]Tell me how do I feel [02:12.49]Tell me now how should I feel [02:16.67] [02:17.98]Now I stand here waiting... [02:26.16] [02:43.25]I thought I told you to leave me [02:47.41]When I walked down to the beach [02:51.68]Tell me how does it feel [02:55.87]When your heart grows cold [03:03.66] [03:12.49]End