[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:03.81]The Scream [00:04.68] [00:05.42]By:Minaya [00:06.42] [00:08.33]Yeah I’ve been this way before [00:11.76]But something down here changed [00:15.78]The spring sun hanging slower [00:19.51]Colder in the sky [00:21.47]And your voice sounds strange [00:25.45]Your voice sounds strange [00:27.22] [00:48.22]Yeah I’ve been down here before [00:51.80]But this time [00:53.03]Something really isn’t right [00:56.49]Summer sun hangs smaller [00:59.10]Paler in the sky [01:01.41]And your eyes are too bright [01:05.68]Your eyes are too bright [01:08.85] [01:28.01]It’s like everything I know [01:31.78]Is twisted out and wrong [01:35.85]The fall sun hanging flatter [01:39.39]Lower in the sky [01:41.44]And your smile is gone [01:45.57]Your smile is gone [01:48.31] [01:49.19]It’s like twisted out I know [01:53.40]Now I can’t wake to [01:54.77]Break apart this dream [01:56.13]Winter sun hangs weaker [01:58.91]Older in the sky [02:01.24]And you start to scream [02:04.16] [02:05.35]You start to scream [02:08.32] [02:16.15]You start to scream… [02:22.35] [02:28.49]Scream and you scream [02:32.05]This is not a dream [02:36.00]This is how it really is [02:39.74]There isn’t any other this [02:43.84]Is not a dream [02:47.73] [02:48.27]Scream and you scream [02:51.93]Why you have this need [02:55.89]Why you can’t be satisfied [02:59.75]Always want another why [03:04.25]You have this need [03:08.95] [03:27.90]Scream and you scream [03:31.92]Dare me to believe [03:35.74]Dare me now to show I care [03:39.85]One last chance to make the dare [03:44.90]Me to believe [03:49.73] [04:07.75]Scream and you scream [04:11.86]How we ended here [04:15.84]How we got from then to now [04:20.14]Never really followed how [04:24.96]We ended here [04:29.61]