[ti:]NIGHTFALL [ar:]BLIND GUARDIAN [al:]NIGHTFALL IN MIDLLE-EARTH [00:06.67]Nightfall Lyrics [00:07.74]Artist: Blind Guardian [00:10.57]Album: Nightfall In Middle-Earth [00:15.39]No sign of life did flicker [00:19.18]In floods of tears she cried [00:23.05]"All hope's lost it can't be undone [00:27.18]They're wasted and gone" [04:25.13][04:03.37][03:04.95][02:41.57][02:26.20][02:22.91][02:19.21][01:39.28][01:15.21][00:45.13][00:29.94] [00:30.66]"Save me your speeches [00:31.87]I know (They blinded us all) [00:34.54]What you want [00:36.06]You will take it away from me [00:38.02]Take it and I know for sure [00:41.66]The light she once brought in [00:43.58]Is gone forevermore" [00:45.82]Like sorrowful seaguls they sang [00:48.36]"(We're) lost in the deep shades [00:49.59]The misty cloud brought [00:53.23]Monstrous it covered the shore [00:56.84]Fearful into the unknown" [01:00.72]Quietly it crept in new horror [01:04.04]Insanity reigned [01:07.91]And spilled the first blood [01:11.63]When the old king was slain [04:44.66][04:37.12][04:29.55][02:56.76][02:49.31][02:42.01][01:30.47][01:23.14][01:16.06]Nightfall [04:40.80][04:33.31][02:52.93][02:45.48][01:26.81][01:19.25]Quietly crept in and changed us all [04:48.20][03:00.33][01:34.10]Immortal land lies down in agony [01:53.01]"How long shall we [01:54.08]Mourn in the dark [01:56.68]the bliss and the beauty [01:58.50]Will not return [02:00.46]Say farewell to sadness and grief [02:03.96]Though long and hard the road may be" [02:08.11]But even in silence I heard the words [02:11.57]"An oath we shall swear [02:14.01]By the name of the one [02:15.53]Until the world's end [02:18.17]It can't be broken" [02:20.96]Just wondering how [02:21.56]I can still hear these voices inside [02:25.52]The doom of the Noldor drew near [02:29.15]The words of a banished king [02:30.24]"I swear revenge" [02:31.70]Filled with anger aflamed our hearts [02:35.58]Full of hate full of pride [02:39.03]We screamed for revenge [03:49.46]"Vala he is that's what you said [03:52.00](But) freely you came and [03:52.85]Then your oath's been sworn in vain [03:52.90]You freely shall depart [03:57.86](So) never trust the northern winds [04:01.64]Never turn your back on friends" [04:04.09]"Oh I'm heir of the high lord!" [04:05.69]"You better don't trust him" [04:07.98]The enemy of mine [04:09.87]Isn't he of your kind and [04:11.68]Finally you may follow me [04:22.02]Farewell [04:22.87]He said [04:55.87][04:52.67]Back to where it all began