[ti:My Medea] [ar:史逸欣] [al:亲陌爱人 Warm Strangers] [00:07.20]歌名:My Medea [00:13.02]歌手:史逸欣 [00:16.49] [00:19.69]Inside the labyrinth walls [00:25.78]There lies a tiny child who sleeps alone [00:35.31]And as the daylight falls [00:41.63]The wind becomes so wild across the stone [00:51.90]For I have made her prison be [00:58.11]Her every step away from me [01:04.73]And this child I would destroy [01:10.94]If you tried to set her free [01:28.93]So come to me my love [01:35.00]I'll tap into your strength and drain it dry [01:45.02]Can never have enough [01:50.97]For you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky [02:01.46]For it's my thoughts that bind me here [02:07.83]It's this love that I most fear [02:14.26]And this child I would destroy [02:20.39]For I hold her pain most dear [02:38.66]No haven for this heart [02:44.75]No shelter for this child in mazes lost [02:54.46]Heaven keep us apart [03:00.62]A curse for every mile of ocean crossed [03:11.77]For I must die for what I've done [03:18.18]A twist of fate a desert sun [03:24.56]For I see what I destroy [03:31.64]Sweet reflection knife into me [03:37.50]For I see what I destroy [03:44.07]I can see what I've begun