[ti:Prologue (World Anthem)] [ar:x-japan] [al:] [by:H.D] [00:00.01]Prologue (World Anthem) 序言(地球圣歌) [00:04.05]作詞 : YOSHIKI / 作曲 : F.Marino [00:08.58]by H.D [00:14.04]喜欢x-japan的加我qq148380761 [02:01.15] [02:08.56]All of the hate and all of the sadness have melted away. 所有仇恨和悲伤都已熔化 [02:14.09]Nothing remains here. 一点也未残留 [02:16.59]Closeby, I see love trying to take a shape 在身近处,我看见爱正成型 [02:21.01]As I reach out for it, 当我向它伸出手去 [02:23.75]The love breaks up before my very eyes. 爱在我眼前碎裂 [02:27.40]Everywhere, there flows…… 它向四方流散...... [02:30.04] [02:31.64]Blue blood 蓝色的血