[ti:Good Feelin] [ar:Flo Rida] [al:] [00:00.34]Flo Rida - Good Feelin [00:05.78] [00:43.84]Yes I can, doubt to believe what i know what’s his plan [00:46.90]Pull me, grab me, grab till the bucket can’t have me [00:49.09]I’ll be the president one day [00:50.96]January first, oh, you like that god sip [00:52.65]Like you the one drinking that god sip dot com [00:54.96]Now I gotta work with your tone [00:56.77]How many roller stones you want [00:58.65]Yeah i got a brand new spirit [01:00.34]Picking it when it’s done [01:01.21]on the side of the bed like i won [01:02.65]Top like a winner [01:04.40]G5 dealer, you …time won [01:06.34]Now who can say that, i wanna play back [01:08.34]Mama knew i was a needle in a hay stack [01:10.15]A bugatti boy, plus maybach [01:12.02]I got a feeling it’s around asap [01:14.34] [01:42.46]The mountain top, walk on water [01:45.08]I got power, feel so royal [01:46.90]One second, i’ma strike oil [01:48.71]Diamond, platinum, no more [01:50.65]drill a land, never giving in [01:52.71]Giving up’s not an option and gotta get it in [01:54.52]Witness i got a heart of 20 men [01:56.46]No fear go to sleep in the lion’s den [01:58.21]That flow, that funk that crown [02:00.02]You looking at the king of the jungle now [02:01.71]Stronger ever can’t hold me down [02:03.52]A hundred miles going from the … smile [02:05.33]Straight game face, it’s game day [02:07.52]See me wanna do the … for the [02:09.33]No trick plays, I’m bill gates [02:11.15]take a … to understand me [02:13.15]