[ti:Fever Dreams] [ar:Circa Survive] [al:Blue Sky Noise] [00:02.00]Circa Survive - Fever Dreams [00:03.00] [00:06.54]Sinking into my awareness [00:11.56]realizing what's been done [00:15.09]I've taken a life and mine for granted [00:19.39]Neither planned or in passion [00:23.33]riddled with guilt and crazy panic [00:27.29]my body tells my mind to run [00:31.09]into the forest towards the mother [00:35.22]though I've destroyed her favorite son [00:39.83]All the things I should have done, [02:29.23][00:47.42]All the things I should have done [00:54.78]Execution style in the courtyard [00:58.81]where everyone awake can witness [01:02.58]the cowardly shot into the temple [01:06.52]all because I lost my temper [01:10.29]Burn the evidence, flee the scene [01:14.23]always keep those fingers clean [01:18.11]Devil eyes stare into mine [01:21.98]they say there is no place I can hide [01:48.57]Now I must compare the consequence [01:57.55]end my life or just confess [02:04.81]I won't last a minute in confinement [02:44.27][02:37.04][02:12.97]Either way I'm going to hell [02:21.12]All the things I should've done [03:06.75]All my life [03:12.37]passing [03:16.01]before my eyes [03:20.11]All the time [03:55.83][03:23.81]I was awake ... [03:40.04]You were alive and just arriving [03:43.99]I couldn't see your eyes [03:47.76]All that is love is ever lasting [03:51.79]I didn't realize