[ti:Farewell] [ar:Kamelot] [al:Epica] [00:00.06]歌曲:Farewell [00:04.67]乐队:Kamelot [00:07.35] [00:09.98]年代:2003 [00:10.22]风格:Power Metal [00:12.66]by:蓝色天际Metal [00:15.07]Winter's close...and the mountain high [00:19.76]I'll start my journey now [00:24.09]On this planet we call Earth we belong [00:29.95]I want to know [00:32.01]Why did God make me feel [00:34.58]There is more to be answered [00:40.79]Maybe God cannot remedy [00:43.95]Our souls if he tried [00:49.11]I seek peace of mind at least [00:53.91]And to know I did my best [00:57.64]I will pray for those I have loved [01:01.42] [03:13.73][02:58.41][01:56.03][01:01.63]I must take your farewell [03:16.39][03:00.89][01:58.84][01:04.57]Carried by destiny [03:18.64][03:03.66][02:01.15][01:07.28]Bound to obey [03:21.15][03:06.21][02:03.64][01:09.31] [03:22.10][03:07.21][02:04.62][01:10.05]I must take your farewell [03:24.75][03:09.55][02:07.48][01:13.06]Trails of discovery [03:28.23][02:09.76][01:15.49]Lead me an ocean away [02:16.07][01:21.60] [01:36.05]No one holds the only truth in his hand [01:42.60]So who am I [01:44.86]To defy even God [01:47.11]In quest for a reason [02:54.56][01:50.62]There's no time to waste I'm afraid [01:56.48] [02:26.38]When the tide is high [02:31.83]I won't dwell or wait no longer [02:38.56]