[ti:Strong Arm Broken] [ar:Sevendust] [al:Cold Day Memory] [00:02.00]Sevendust - Strong Arm Broken [00:07.00] [00:51.53]The stare that cuts through me [00:54.57]Burning a hole in me [00:56.94]Giving the answers I've been looking for [01:00.97]Your new found love [01:03.23]For kicking me when I'm down [01:04.87]Has given me the hate to [01:07.74]Finally let you know [01:09.82]I don't believe anything you ever told me- [01:14.25]You lost your soul [01:18.15]Take another chance?- [02:12.96][01:20.66]It's the last time you'll fuck me [02:59.52][02:15.18][01:22.93]Strong arm broken (broken) [03:03.40][02:18.66][01:26.25]There will be no words spoken [03:06.75][02:22.28][01:29.72]Speaking Nothing [03:08.79][02:24.08][01:31.66]Strong arm broken (Strong arm broken) [03:12.80][02:28.10][01:35.81]Strong arm broken [01:44.38]You sold out instantly [01:46.98]Killing my sympathy [01:49.27]Biting the hand that fed [01:50.97]The dog so long [01:53.50]That black heart hiding [01:55.58]Behind your hollow eyes [01:57.62]Will never save you [01:59.81]From the place you're headed for [02:02.16]I can't believe that I ever let you hurt me- [02:06.53]You lost control [02:10.62]Time to say goodbye