[ti:Main Title] [ar:Mark Mancina] [al:August Rush] [00:04.50]Main Title [00:06.40] Voice: Freddie Highmore [00:09.00]《August Rush》 [00:11.50] [00:12.12]Sometimes the world [00:12.87]tries to knock it out of you [00:14.59] [00:18.50]But I believe in music [00:20.39]the way that some people [00:21.27]believe in fairy tales. [00:22.96] [00:37.20]I like to imagine that what I hear [00:40.10]came from my mother and father. [00:42.50] [00:58.11]Maybe the notes I hear... [01:00.30]are the same ones they heard [01:03.10]the night they met. [01:04.50] [01:06.60]Maybe that's how they found each other. [01:08.83] [01:12.60]Maybe that's how they'll find me. [01:14.80] [01:44.50]I believe that, once upon a time [01:47.50]long ago [01:50.65]they heard the music and followed it. [01:55.00]