[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.15]Pretty Woman [00:02.12] [00:02.78]by Roy Orbison [00:16.28]Pretty woman, walking down the street [00:19.79]Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet [00:23.73]Pretty woman, [00:26.54]I don't believe you you're not the truth [00:30.37]No one could look as good as you [00:37.51]Mercy! [00:38.45] [00:43.03]Pretty woman, won't you pardon me [00:46.20]Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see [00:50.08]Pretty woman, [00:52.95]That you look lovely as can be [00:56.84]Are you lonely just like me [01:03.56]Arrrrooounnnn [01:04.96] [01:09.93]Pretty woman, stop a while [01:13.34]Pretty woman, talk a while [01:17.25]Pretty woman, give your smile to me... [01:25.42]Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah [01:29.29]Pretty woman, look my way [01:33.19]Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me [01:39.90]'Cause I need you I'll treat you right [01:46.94]Come with me baby be mine tonight [01:57.34] [02:00.20]Pretty woman, don't walk on by [02:03.51]Pretty woman, don't make me cry [02:07.56]Pretty woman [02:10.37]Don't walk away hey, ok [02:18.83]If that's the way it must be ok [02:24.50]I guess I'll go on home it's late [02:30.47]There'll be tomorrow night but wait [02:33.45] [02:36.40]What do I see? [02:46.59]Is she walking back to me? [02:54.86]Yeah she's walking back to me [03:04.67]Oh oh Pretty woman [03:08.61] [03:08.93]edit morrison tsai [03:09.43]