[ti:all by myself] [ar:celine dion ] [al:] [offset:500] [02:39][00:04]When I was young [02:42][00:08]I never needed anyone [02:49][00:14]And making love was just for fun [02:54][00:20]Those days are gone [00:26]Livin alone [00:30]I think of all the friends Ive known [00:37]When I dial the telephone [00:42]Nobodys home [03:11][01:57][01:49][01:41][01:01][04:40][03:36][03:02][01:33][00:51]All by myself [03:08][01:39][00:59]Dont wanna be [04:19][04:07][03:15][02:02][01:46][01:06]Anymore [01:09]Hard to be sure [01:12]Sometimes I feel so insecure [01:18]And loves so distant and obscure [01:23]Remains the cure [04:04][03:42][01:55]Dont wanna live [04:22][03:49]Oh [04:05]By myself, by myself [04:15]By myself [04:43]Dont wanna live [04:53]I never, never, never [04:59]Needed anyone www.1ting.com 欢迎您的光临!