Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain

Can't Maintain
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Asian Man Records

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Andrew Jackson Jihad was formed after its original drummer, Justin James White, approached Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty, who had just left Rodan (not the Rodan of Kentucky fame) and The Sub-Standards. Since then, many significant Arizona musicians have sat in with the remaining duo of Sean and Ben, including John de la Cruz of Fatigo and Asleep In The Sea's Owen Evans. Dylan Cook of Partners In 818 also plays mandolin regularly with the band. The constantly shifting lineup results in wide-ranging sonic textures both live and on record. Many of their lyrics are overtly political in nature.

Andrew Jackson Jihad has obtained much coverage for their songs about "serial killers, cigarettes, child abuse, and a vengeful Jesus" . They were also the subject of controversy in HeartattaCk issue #49 regarding their "Love Song," which is narrated by a character who "smoke(s) crystal meth" and "laugh(s) at retards,".

On April 15, 2006, the band played as part of the 2006 New Times Music Showcase, nominated for Best Americana Band, and won a Best of Phoenix award later that year.

Besides their local shows, where they have become arguably the most prominent representative in Arizona of the DIY ethic, they have also toured in clubs and basements across the Western United States, appearing at such venues as the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, CA. One show in Kimberly, Idaho saw the band in a cowboy bar and leaving the premises as soon as possible after the show.

They released a split with Ghost Mice on Plan-It-X-Records in 2007. Following this, Asian Man Records issued their first full-length album on September 11, 2007.

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01 Heartilation

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02 Self Esteem

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03 Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus

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04 Evil

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05 You Don't Deserve Yourself

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06 Olde(y) Tyme(y)

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07 Kazoo Sonata in C Major

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08 We Didn't Come Here to Rock

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09 Truckers Are the Blood

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10 Love Will Fuck Us Apart

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11 Sense, Sensibility

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12 Who Are You?

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