Andrea Bocelli - 黑夜中的光明 Notte Illuminata

黑夜中的光明 Notte Illuminata
Andrea Bocelli
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原文作者:Giorgio De Martino


Illuminated by music, poetry and beauty.

Here is some advance information about an exciting project:

Andrea Bocelli’s next challenge.



安德烈 波切利的下一个挑战!

New horizons

A concert, an entirely new programme, a selection of baroque arias and romantic lieder which further stretch the already very broad vocal range of the best-loved tenor in the world.

From Händel to Wagner, Beethoven to Strauss, Liszt to Fauré and Gounod, Andrea Bocelli will perform twenty-one short but great musical highlights from a period spanning almost two hundred years. This is a programme of astonishing beauty and variety, a voyage which seeks out those “canzone d’autore” of past centuries, sharing a strong positive message of radiance and hope. Music as a therapy of joy.






Free flying

Voice and piano accompaniment, without microphones. Without a safety net, on this “Night of Illuminations” Bocelli will take us by the hand and help us to discover music that the public at large will have rarely encountered: leaping from a baroque springboard which launches the evening with four arias from four different operas by Handel (which will amaze both by their explosive virtuosity as by the touching sweetness of the vocal line), the evening’s great heart is from the nineteenth century: first a piece of chamber music by Beethoven which is also highly theatrical and entertaining, followed by three gems by Wagner, Liszt and Strauss, and then, the sensuality and charm of the French mélodies of Fauré and Gounod. Pieces which are rarely heard will be set alongside other better known ones such as Handel’s “Largo” “Ombra mai fu”, Beethoven’s “Ich liebe dich” and “Après un rêve” by Fauré.



那些极少听到的唱段将和另外一些众所周知的唱段穿插在一起,比如:亨德尔的“largo”(柔版)、“Ombra mai fu”(绿树成荫),贝多芬的“Ich liebe dich”(我爱你)和福莱的“Après un rêve”


The lied: music and poetry

Andrea Bocelli is the musician we all know, but he is also a passionate lover of literature, a man who appreciates poetry, hence the reason for this happy introduction to the lieder, a selection of the most beautiful songs of the past, which bring together great composers and great poets. “Lied” (a German term which means “song”) which have a formidable communicative immediacy, precisely in the alchemy of their balance of poetry and music..



The project

To plan this spectacular sequence of songs, Andrea Bocelli worked together with the pianist and conductor Eugene Kohn, who has worked with the greatest voices of the second half of the twentieth century, from Maria Callas to Franco Corelli, Joan Sutherland to Luciano Pavarotti. While for the choice of the baroque pieces he was assisted by another legend of the world of bel canto, Marilyn Horne. “Notte Illuminata” will shine the spotlight on Bocelli’s voice from January 2011 starting in Germany (Friday 7th Philharmonie Munchen, Munich; Sunday 9th Philarmonie Berlin; Tuesday 11th Laeisz-Musikhalle, Hamburg). On 13th February he will star in an important concert in New York – already fully sold out some time ago – which celebrates our Tuscan tenor’s debut at the Metropolitan Opera House. He will be accompanied on the piano by Vincent Scalera.


为筹划这场宏伟的歌曲大串联,安德烈 波切利与钢琴兼指挥Eugene Kohn合作。Kohn曾与20世纪下半叶众多伟大的歌唱家合作过:从玛利亚 卡拉斯到弗兰克 克莱里,从琼•萨瑟兰到帕瓦罗蒂。对于巴洛克唱段的选择上,他曾接受另一位世界美声传奇玛丽莲•霍恩的帮助。“黑夜中的光明”将聚光灯打在波切利的歌声上,2011年1月从德国开始(7日,周五,在慕尼黑,慕尼黑爱乐乐团。9日,周日,柏林爱乐乐团。11日,周二,在汉堡,Laeisz音乐厅)。2月13日,他将在纽约的一次重大音乐会上登场——前些日子票已售光——为了庆祝我们的托斯卡纳男高音在大都会歌剧院的首次登场。他将与钢琴家Vincent Scalera合作。

The videos

“Notte illuminata” will cast light on a special part of the world, Tuscany: a place in the soul and a geographic location on the map of Italy which is closely related to singing. This is not only because it is where Andrea Bocelli, Puccini and Mascagni were born: the Tuscan land holds song deep within itself. In fact it was the ideal inspiration, the legendary place of discovery and then of nostalgia for many of the European composers who we find included on the programme.

Andrea Bocelli wanted to produce some videos, precisely in order to offer the wider public the chance to get to know such a beautiful and little known repertoire.

These moving images will combine the wonders of the lieder with the splendour of the Tuscan landscapes. The skill of the camerawork and the dancers will add to the fascination, they will show some of the “behind the scenes” preparation of the pieces, with the voices of Andrea Bocelli and Eugene Kohn explaining in person their reasons, their hopes and the excitement they feel about the project.

The direction is by Alberto Bartalini, a dynamic artist who owes his formation to the school of Pasolini and Zeffirelli, and who, with Andrea, has already been responsible for bringing us the celebrated “Teatro del Silenzio” for the past five years.


“黑夜中的光明”将聚焦世界上一个独特的区域:托斯卡纳:意大利地图上的灵魂所在,此地与歌唱有着密切联系。这不光是因为安德烈 波切利,普契尼和马斯卡尼出生在此:托斯卡纳的土地蕴藏着音乐。事实上,它是个绝妙的启发,对于许多欧洲作曲家来说,它是个包含着创新与怀旧的传奇之地。(这些作曲家会在片中出现。)


这些打动人心的画面将把抒情歌谣的奇迹与托斯卡那壮丽的风光结合起来。摄影技术和舞者们的技巧会使影片更具魅力。他们会展示一些幕后准备工作。安德烈波切利和Eugene Kohn将亲自阐释他们的创作初衷,他们的愿望和他们在筹划中体验的欣喜。

导演Alberto Bartalini,一个生气勃勃的艺术家,他在帕索里尼学校和柴非雷利学校拥有自己的机构。他与安德烈在过去五年里,已给我们带来了“Teatro del Silenzio(寂静的剧场)”演唱会。

The book

Not just a libretto, “Notte illuminata” will also be a real book presenting the reader with a journey of more than seventy pages along a double track: on one side the pages will feature Alberto Bartalini’s splendid and evocative photographs, a visual score placing the artist in the context of his chosen setting. On the facing pages there will be the lyrics: one for each piece like islands of narrative conceived in such a way as to assist and inform the listener and at the same time to offer new stimuli and to bring together imagination and reflection.


不光有歌词,“黑夜中的光明”还有一本真正的书奉献给读者,70多页的内容分为两条线索:一方面,突出Alberto Bartalini壮丽而富有吸引力的照片,演员在他选定的背景下留下的视觉记录。在书中的相对页(指书籍对开两页中的另一页)会有歌词:每个唱段有一个构想出来的故事作为导航,给予听众信息和帮助;同时,提供一个新的触发点,带来想象和思考。

An unexpected gift

The imminent “Notte illuminata” of notes, a recital of ancient arias and lieder, comes as a great gift which Andrea Bocelli makes to the world of music. Two centuries, four languages, seven composers, to produce an astonishing experience allowing the world to discover and love a truly moving repertoire that so many people have never till now had the opportunity to enjoy.



专辑《黑夜中的光明 Notte Illuminata》的歌曲列表


序号 歌曲

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01 La speme ti consoli

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02 Where E'er You Walk

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03 Sound An Alarm

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04 Dimmi ben mio che m'ami

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05 L'amante impaziente

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06 Beato quei che fido amor

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07 Ich liebe Dich

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08 Der Engel

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09 Oh, quand je dors

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10 Zueignung

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11 Mai

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12 Chanson d'amour

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13 Après un rêve

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14 La lune blanche luit dans les bois

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15 Le secret

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16 Mandoline

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17 Hymne à la nuit

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18 À la Madone

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19 Invocation

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20 La reine du matin

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