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Love or Lust
Cash Cash
Twilight Records

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Roseland, N.J. – April 19, 2011 - Like all great players, Cash Cash’s sophomore album LOVE OR LUST, released today, scores with listeners, steals their hearts and leaves them lusting for more.

Led by AOL Radio-featured and iTunes dance charting single “Victim of Love,” LOVE OR LUST shows Cash Cash (Alex Makhlouf – keyboards, Sam Frisch – bass/guitar, and Anthony Villacari – drums) coming of age lyrically while maintaining the infectious youthful energy that already has fans from as far as Britain and Brazil taking it to the floor.

“LOVE OR LUST has the classic sound of Cash Cash with a lot more synths and way beefier beats,” vocalist Jean Paul Makhlouf explains. ”Overall, it just bumps way harder than anything we’ve ever done.”

The band produced, recorded, mixed and mastered LOVE OR LUST in their Roseland, N.J. home studio. “Just like our old records, we self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this whole CD ourselves,” Jean Paul says. “We got to do everything that we wanted with it with no limitations.” LOVE OR LUST is released independently in the U.S. and through Twilight Records in Japan, where Cash Cash will be touring this summer.

Tracks like “Sexin’ On The Dance Floor,” which features Villacari’s sister “ADG,” take the party from the bedroom to the dance floor, while confessional “I Have One Regret” presents a serious side–and some sweet vengeance. “The album contains songs about love, hate, lust, and obsession,” Jean Paul says. “Too much of any of them will probably end your relationship and drive you insane, but too little of any of them will most likely do the same. Love without lust or small amounts of obsession gets stale.”

Good thing the album combines all of those steamy, sweet and seething sentiments within its tight 10 tracks. LOVE OR LUST is like the ultimate one night stand: it turns you on, gets your hips moving, and ends just soon enough to leave you wanting more–except this is a one night stand that you’ll replay not only in your head, but also on your stereo.

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01 Victim Of Love

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02 Naughty Or Nice

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03 Sexin’ On The Dance Floor

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04 Jersey Girl

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05 Wasted Love

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06 One Night Stand

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07 Dirty Lovin’

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08 I Have One Regret

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09 Jaw Drop

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10 Obsessed

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