William Kurk - The Sound Vol. 3

The Sound Vol. 3
William Kurk
William Kurk/Soundphase Records

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The evolution of man is the cause to our increasing understanding of life's mysteries, and thus, an album as such can only compliment the natural progression of a human who seeks progression in the human shell. 'CROSSOVER FUSION' is the new genre of music that reveals an advancement in sound, through jazz, pop, rock, soul, classical, and blues, these flavors compliment the making of such a massive undertaking known as 'THE SOUND: VOL.3."

In the spirit of the previous works (VOL.1 and 2), this album represents the original musical concepts of William Kurk, which are comparable to many legendary artists, but essentially so different, that it stands alone from anything that has ever been done collectively. 'THE SOUND: VOL.3' is a unique project, that features some of the best talent from Chicago, and the United States. Such artists are featured in this featured soundtrack: Bob Mintzer (yellowjackets), Will Kennedy, Benny Reid, Corey Wilkes, Buddy Fambro, Marqueal Jordan, Khari Parker, Tim Seisser, Myron Cherry, Norman Palm, Matt Cashdollar, Marquis Hill, Liza Micelli, Deshaun Sims, and Contessa Rodriguez.

The album is written, produced, and arranged by William Kurk, and co-produced by Anthony Nicholson, who helped oversee the vision of what this universe represents aesthetically in sound. The timbre of this project ranges from the mysterious travels of the earth, to the bright edges of the sun. Sometimes described by listeners as 'pop-jazz', 'cerebral pop', or 'theater jazz', the music has a superior quality of precision that cannot be overlooked; each lyric and note played has intent, and therefore, embodies the purpose of William Kurk's vision to fulfill the planet with music that is colorful, yet focused.

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01 Evolution Of Man

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02 K-Ville (Feat. Corey Wilkes)

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03 Kendi

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04 Vanity Fair (Feat. Buddy Fambro)

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05 I Miss U Bad

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06 Carousel

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07 Day Of Honor (Feat. Marqueal Jordan And Khari Parker)

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08 Another Day (Feat. Bob Mintz And Will Kennedy)

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09 Satellite Dreamer

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10 Khallib (Feat. Benny Reid)

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