Rose Cousins - If You Were For Me

If You Were For Me
Rose Cousins
old farm pony records

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Drawing on influences from traditions of folk, bluegrass, pop and Appalachian music, the highly anticipated full-length release by Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Rose Cousins promises to earn her the widespread acclaim that she deserves.

Entitled If You Were for Me, the album was recorded at Halifax’s legendary Studio H by ECMA- award winning producer Karl Falkenham. This collection of eleven original songs is Rose’s strongest effort to date, and is supported by a cast of some of the finest musicians on the East Coast, including Dave Burton on drums and piano, Jamie Gatti on bass and Ray Legere on mandolin and violin.

With a keen eye for observation, and a genuine sense of wonder, Rose weaves together imagery borrowed from her upbringing on a farm in PEI, with a strong wealth of wisdom. At times joyful, at times sorrowful, If You Were For Me expressly captures the plight of the lonely heart, on a profound journey. Delivered with a pure and unaffected voice, the listener can’t help but be drawn in to her expertly crafted songs, emotionally intelligent lyrics and simple and infectious melodies.

Her two previous independent releases (Only So Long 2002, Miles to Go 2003) earned Cousins a reputation as one the most promising singer/songwriters in Halifax, as well as a solid footing in the New England folk circuit. Blessed with a natural wit and charm, Rose’s live performances are the perfect counterpart to the honest beauty of her songs: she will have the audience barreled over with laughter one minute, and reaching for a tissue the next.

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01 Good Enough

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02 Edmonton

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03 Simple Thought

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04 Pale Love

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05 If You Were for Me

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06 One New York Ago

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07 Lost in the Valley

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08 White Lies

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09 Home

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10 Dance if You Want To

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11 One Love

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