The Storm - Black Luck

Black Luck
The Storm
电子 , 硬摇滚
Target Records

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Denmark’s most respected musicians and performers - Johan Wohlert og Pernille Rosendahl, who also forms a couple privately. They both have had recognized careers in music as members of progrock-act Mew and former indierockers, Swan Lee, respectively.

2006, The Storm became a reality – a duo with a preference for heavy drums, power-riffs and a potential reaching far beyond Denmark. Universal was chosen as the record label, and The Storm went to Arizona’s desert to record their debut album with the legendary producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Guns N’Roses, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.). By the time of it’s release, all Danish media of any significance had already had a front page feature of The Storm, and the album,’Where The Storm Meets The Ground’, has until this day sold more than 30.000 units, which is exceptional by Danish standards.

The Storm’s second album ’Black Luck’ is now up for release, and changes has been made. The sound of the new album is even heavier and more uncompromising than their previous record, and this is basically how it is with The Storm these days. Universal has been replaced with their own label in close collaboration with metal-connoisseurs Target Records, and their producer is now the godfather of heaviness Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Rauchy, Hatesphere, Dúné). Quite an experienced set-up and surely one that meets the expectations and visions Pernille Rosendahl and Johan Wohlert have for their band.

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01 Wall of Shame

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02 Honesty

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03 Are Your Shoes Too Tight?

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04 B.S.e.

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05 Dominos

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06 Herculean Task

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07 Black Luck

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08 Pass for a Lonely Person

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09 Til the Day I Die

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10 Death & Dust

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