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Kingdom Come(王者归来)
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We here at Shanghaiist are experiencing quite a bit of Robbie Williams "Deja Vu." BonBon -- the club behind Jay-Z's supposed after party (we also heard Attica was working on the after party ... go figure) -- are stating that Jay-Z will NOT perform in Shanghai due to his "lyrical content."

We're a bit confused on this one. It was only a few months ago when we got close to Fergie's "Humps" and listen to other fun explicit lyrics by the Black Eyed Peas on stage here in Shanghai. Maybe BEP's pop status covers up quite a bit of their underlying sexual meaning. Oh well ... We still have 14 days to go before the scheduled show. Will Jay-Z play in Shanghai, or not? The Shanghai hip-hop rumor mill says that the Jiggaman will not perform in Shanghai ... and so does at least one Shanghaiist reader (thanks Mike!).

I thought I'd give you a quick update on the Jay-Z coming or not coming to Shanghai situation: I just called the ticket office to enquire about where my tickets were. I'd booked them at the beginning of September and was told that they'd arrive with me by the middle of September. Just now however I was told there weren't issuing tickets as this concert may be "postponed or cancelled" which in my mind means its definitely going to cancelled. A shame.
Math class is in session, let's sum this up: With the the word from BonBon and Mike, the lack of concert ads and unavailable tickets online, it looks like Hov in Shanghai ain't happenin'.

On brighter Jay-Z news, the ace is back. Jay-Z is out of retirement and has a new album coming out on November 17 called Kingdom Come. If you missed DJ A. Vee and MC Punchline's last show at BonBon, then you missed the exclusive preview of his first single, "Show Me What You Got." What more can we say? It's Fire.

In other news, tuntablist extraordinaire Total Eclipse from the X-Ecutioners will be back in town this month, for the WHOLE month at BonBon. Check out this a blurb from Total Eclipse on performing:

“When I’m on stage, instinct takes over. So much training and practice goes into each routine, but in front of a crowd it just unfolds naturally. [Performing] is a flow that I hit that can’t be broken.”
Excerpt taken from The Lounge.

Can anyone stop BonBon's undeniable hip-hop presence in Shanghai? Can Pegasus or Guandii answer back? Are Fabrique's bikini parties riding up this city's ... you know what? Does The Lab have something up their indie sleeves? We're looking forward to a heavy-hitter hip-hop fall here in Shanghai. Stay tuned.



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01 The Prelude

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02 Oh My God

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03 Kingdom Come

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04 Show Me What You Got

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05 Lost Ones (Feat. Chrissette Michelle)

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06 Do U Wanna Ride (Feat. John Legend)

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07 30 Something

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08 I Made It

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09 Anything (Feat. Usher & Pharrell)

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10 Hollywood (Feat. Beyonce)

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11 Trouble

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12 Dig A Hole (Feat. Sterling Simms)

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13 Minority Report (Feat. Ne-Yo)

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14 Beach Chair (Feat. Chris Martin)

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