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New York City-based musician Rachel Platten has signed with Rock Ridge Music and plans to release an album, entitled “Be Here,” on April 26, 2011. With music that the New York Post says “blends sweet delicateness with pluck,” Platten has just embarked on an extensive tour (sponsored by Ecosystem Life) leading up to the release of her record (see tour dates below). Says Platten of the signing: “I really think I've found my ideal partner. I love how innovative Rock Ridge is, and how much they believe in what I have already created. It's amazing to have such mutual trust, and I can't wait to get the record out to the world.”

Says Rock Ridge Music CEO Tom Derr of the signing: “Rachel fits the Rock Ridge world like a glove. Our combined hard work will prove successful.”

Platten, who blends catchy piano hooks with her unmistakably soulful, and uplifting voice, creates music that boasts elegantly crafted, deeply melodic, intelligent songwriting, resounding with echoes of the Beatles and Carole King, Alanis Morissette and Regina Spektor: her music is infectious, raw, and powerful. Selling out clubs along her rigorous tour schedule, Platten infuses a unique love and passion into each and every one of her performances.

Boston born and raised, Platten was classically trained on the piano from a young age and started performing while in college and studying abroad in Trinidad. At the urging of co-workers at the record label where she was interning, she began writing her own songs and became a background singer in a Soca band (with her first performance being in front of 100,000+ fans at Trinidad's annual Soca Monarch Finals). She was instantly hooked, and felt that she'd found her true calling in songwriting and performing. Naming influences such as Toots & The Maytals (who she was asked to tour with in 2006), Elton John, Carole King, Billy Joel, Lauryn Hill, and The Beach Boys, Platten attempts to do what she feels these artists do so beautifully - infuse often weighty, serious subject matter with light and melodic intelligence that lifts the listener up and is instantly catchy.

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01 Nothing Ever Happens高清MV

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02 Overwhelmed高清MV

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03 Don't Care What Time It Is

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04 53 Steps

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05 Little Light

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06 1,000 Ships

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07 Take These Things Away

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08 You Don't Have to Go

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09 All I Seem to Do

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10 Remark

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11 Don't Wanna Be Here (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

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