Miles Kane - Colour Of The Trap

Colour Of The Trap
Miles Kane

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最早认识Miles Kane还是因为The Rascals,后来与Alex Tuner组成的The Last Shadow Puppets则让他名声大噪。自从09年昙花一现的The Rascals解散后,Miles Kane就走上了自己的solo生涯,与Alex Tuner的志同道合也让我对他的首张个人作品甚是期待。人脉甚广的Kane新专辑找来了著名制作人Dan Carey(Franz Ferdinand),Dan The Automator(Gorillaz, Kasabian). 此外,歌曲中有部分和声还邀请到了Alex Turner,Noel Gallagher以及Super Furry Animal的Gruff Rhys,华丽的阵容注定成为焦点。

“The perfect blend of pop purity and knicker-teasing,

sexy rock’n’roll” – NME

“One of the most charismatic frontmen around” – The Times

Miles Kane’s eagerly awaited debut album, ‘Colour of the Trap’ will be released May 9th on Columbia Records. Recorded in London with Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip) and San Francisco with Dan The Automator (Gorillaz, Kasabian), ‘Colour of the Trap’ is a glorious exploration into the darker corners of vintage pop, psych and blue-eyed soul sounds by Miles; half boy-next-door, half charisma-firework, all instantly loveable star quality.

For such a stellar record, it’s perhaps fitting that this 12 track collection boasts an all-star cast. Miles’ Last Shadow Puppets sparring partner and full time Arctic Monkey Alex Turner worked with Miles on the aptly named ‘Telepathy’, while Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys provides backing vocals throughout the album and co-wrote the turbulent moody blues of ‘Kingcrawler’. Noel Gallagher appears as well, helping out with harmonies on ‘My Fantasy’. The breathy, psychedelic romance ‘Happenstance’ features another guest: French actress Clémence Poésy, best known for her roles in In Bruges and Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.

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01 Come Closer

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02 Rearrange

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03 My Fantasy

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04 Counting Down The Days

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05 Invisible

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06 Quicksand

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07 Inhaler

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08 Kingcrawler

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09 Take The Night

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10 Telepathy

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11 Happenstance

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12 Colour of The Trap

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