Ben Harper - Give Till It's Gone

Give Till It's Gone
Ben Harper
独立摇滚 , 民谣摇滚

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不得不说 Ben叔太高产了,风格也与早期大为不同,新专又有什么新鲜的元素呢?来欣赏吧。

On May 17th, Virgin Records will release Give Till It's Gone, Ben Harper's 10th studio album. It was recorded at the Los Angeles studio of Jackson Browne, who harmonizes with Ben on "Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn." The album also features two tracks co-written and performed with Ringo Starr - the psychedelic-tinged "Spilling Faith" and "Get There From Here," an improvisational instrumental.

  --02/24/11, The Official Ben Harper Website

  In the press release that accompanied Give Till It's Gone, the new album from Ben Harper, it explains that the reason the record is billed as a solo effort and not a collaboration with one of Harper's various bands (Such as The Innocent Criminals or Relentless7) was to give him the chance to start new. "You can't tell which band is playing-it just sounds like me," Harper explains. "I wanted to create a fresh sound that was also directly connected to the feel of everything I've ever done." What Ben Harper has created in Give Till It's Gone is not only a fresh start, not only a tribute to everything that has come before, but probably his best album in years.

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01 Don't Give Up On Me Now

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02 I Will Not Be Broken

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03 Rock N' Roll Is Free

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04 Feel Love

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05 Clearly Severely

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06 Spilling Faith

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07 Get There From Here

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08 Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn

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09 Waiting On A Sign

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10 Dirty Little Lover

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11 Do It For You, Do It For Us

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