Wolf Larsen - Quiet at the Kitchen Door

Quiet at the Kitchen Door
Wolf Larsen

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Known for her arresting live performances, Wolf Larsen routinely brings the room to a standstill. With sincerity, stillness and a gentle approach to playing her nylon string guitar, Larsen forces an audience to lean in closer – and to feel the Quiet as a part of the fabric of her songs.

Quiet at the Kitchen Door was created 100% independently, mostly with the generous help of local San Francisco friends and musicians. It started with Nick Stargu, a friend/musician/comedian/sound engineer, who offered to record Larsen’s songs in his studio. “Studio.” This turned out to be a portable setup of computer software that they ported between Stargu and Larsen’s homes over the course of many months. Most vocals for Kitchen Door, for example, wer recorded in Wolf’s tiny bedroom, which also happens to be where most of the songs were written.

Once the acoustic tracks were laid down, the two decided that the album called for more, and so Wolf called up a couple local musician friends and asked if they would be willing to record strings and bass in their own recording studios and email her the tracks. They did, in short order, and much of the arrangement heard on Quiet at the Kitchen Door was conceived of and executed in various home studios all over San Francisco. Trés modern.

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01 Kitchen Door

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02 No One's To Blame

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03 Two Doves

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04 Wild Things (Live)

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05 Jedi

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06 If I Be Wrong (free)

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07 Maybe, Baby

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08 Jesse's Song

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09 The Last Brother

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10 Wolf Larsen 06:

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