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独立流行 , 独立摇滚
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More fantastic indie pop music from Australia. This time it’s from Sydney band Made in Japan, a four-piece formed back in 2006. After toiling along since their inception like most young bands, Made in Japan are soon to release their debut album Sights and Sounds. While this will be their first full length offering, they have given us a sneak peak of their potential already. Released in 2009, their EP Oxford Decor received plenty of national airplay, and they were named one of “Australia’s next Big Things” in 2010 by the Sydney Morning Herald. After recording and performing steadily since, the band is finally ready to live up to their potential with the late February release of Sights and Sounds. They have recently dropped the album’s second single “What It Is.” A jumpy start opens up when the expansive chorus hits – upbeat, fun and erratic, this has Two Door Cinema Club written all over it. The standout for Made in Japan is the lead vocals of James Cooney. Deep and melodic, his sound is reminiscent of that of fell Sydney musician, Sparkadia’s Alex Burnett. Combined with pin-point percussion and flaring guitar, the recipe for success is complete. Other favorites are the effortlessly smooth “Pairs” and first single,
title track “Sights and Sounds.”



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01 Sights And Sounds

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02 Pairs

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03 Definitive Pulse

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04 What It Is

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05 Fall Apart

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06 Interlude

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07 Free Spirit

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08 Evening Weather

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09 Time Flies

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10 Ignorance Is Bliss

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