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Regina, SK-based power pop crew Library Voices recently announced that they had signed to Nevado Records and would release an LP called Summer of Lust in the coming months. Now, they have confirmed the details.

The album drops on August 23 via Nevado. A press release reveals that it was written in winter 2010 during a session in the tiny village of Kronau, SK. The band then journeyed to Montreal to record at Breakglass Studio with producer Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes.

Despite being penned in the heart of winter, the record is reportedly a “bright-eyed, feel-good rave-up that sounds like it’s been soaked in sunshine and gin sodas.” It’s jam-packed with pop culture references, including “respectful nods to Douglas Coupland, David Foster Wallace, John Lomax, Raymond Carver, Jacques Cousteau, and Joseph Heller.”

There’s also a not-so-respectful nod to Stephen Harper on the previously released “The Prime Minister’s Daughter,” plus a track about Miles Davis’s affair with Juliette Gréco (“Be My Juliette Gréco, Paris 1949″). The album also features a guest appearance from acclaimed audiobook narrator Simon Vance.

The official first single, “Generation Handclap,” drops on May 31 on seven-inch and digital formats. It will premiere today (May 30) on CBC Radio 3, when Library Voices appear on Lanarama between 5 to 8 p.m. EST. It’s reportedly “a blistering romp that has vocalists Carl Johnson and Brennan Ross trading off verses and guitar leads over the bands signature sweeping synths and saxophone.” The single has a remix by Regina’s Kitchen Party on the B-side.

Before the album arrives in stores, the band have a number of festival dates. See the schedule below the tracklist.

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01 Intro

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02 If Raymond Carver Was Born In The 90′s

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03 Generation Handclap

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04 Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers

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05 Que Sera Sarah

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06 Traveller’s Digest

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07 Be My Juliette Greco, Paris 1949

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08 The Prime Minister’s Daughter

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09 Me, Myself, And ID

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10 Anthem For A New Canadia

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11 Regina I Don’t Want To Fight

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12 Outro

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