Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant

Rise Of The Tyrant
Arch Enemy
摇滚 , 死亡金属
Century Media

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Mainman Michael Amott (guitars) comments on the artwork created for the new album by Niklas Sundin / Cabin Fever Media: “This time around I turned to Niklas Sundin to bring the ‘RISE OF THE TYRANT’ imagery to life, and what a splendid job he did! I am always amazed by this man’s imagination and talent, and his seemingly never-ending patience in dealing with me! We worked closely on the project from the beginning and what we ended up with is something somewhat different to what we have done in the past: Less colours, quite clandestine and very sinister! Wonderful! The track ‘RISE OF THE TYRANT’ is musically the most extreme song we recorded and Angela’s lyrics fitted perfectly the mood of the music so we decided this had to be the name of the album. The cover reflects the atmosphere of total megalomania inspired by that song. The booklet artwork is really lending itself towards intense merchandise and stage production ideas, all of which will be revealed soon. But for now, stare into the all-seeing eye of the rising tyrant!”

Furthermore the band has announced details of some of their upcoming live activities. Prior to crushing Europe in Nov/Dec. 2007 on “The Black Crusade Tour” with Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce and Shadows Fall, ARCH ENEMY will head out on “The Black Tyranny Tour”, a US co-headline run with Machine Head, visit Australia with Trivium and Machine Head, as well as perform an exclusive show at London club The Barfly on August 17th, so get your necks prepared for some of the heaviest live shows in 2007!

来自瑞典的团体Arch Enemy恐怕是当今最好的旋律死亡金属乐团之一

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01 Blood On Our Hands

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02 The Last Enemy

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03 I Will Live Again高清MV

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04 In This Shallow Grave

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05 Revolution Begins高清MV

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06 Rise Of The Tyrant

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07 The Day You Died高清MV

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08 .Intermezzo Liberte

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09 Night Falls Fast

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10 The Great Darkness

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11 Vultures

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