Jess Klein - City Garden

City Garden
Jess Klein
民谣 , 乡村
United For Opportunity

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当现代人正沉迷在电子乐、重金属、死亡金属的狂噪中时,Jess Klein那乡

On her sixth and most unrestrained album City
Garden, Jess Klein reveals everything. "I was at a
really hard point in my life and the only thing I
knew to do to make it easier was to write," said
Klein. "I sat down and the song 'All I Ever Had'
came out, and it felt like a faucet had been turned
on because it was such a release of emotion. The
first night that I performed it, several people
told me it had moved them to tears. I realized that
I wasn't the only one who felt that something had
been released."

Klein said that she wanted every song on this album
to have that same power "to release and to heal."
With her soulful, passionate voice up front, and
lyrics that alternate between searing and
heartbreakingly tender, Klein went for a gritty,
primal production style reminiscent of early blues
albums. As a result, City Garden exudes the
emotional intimacy that has captivated audiences at
Klein's much-lauded live shows, an intimacy which,
coupled with Klein's powerful voice, caused the
Boston Globe to describe her as "Quite simply one
of the most gifted performers this area has

Klein's impassioned vocals throughout convey the
power of unearthing one's true nature. In the title
track, Klein ruminates on addressing one's fears
and owning the power that lies underneath them:
"Been lookin' at my city garden for almost twelve
months now/I been thinkin' 'bout a bargain/About
tearin' that old fence down."

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03 City Garden

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06 Shell & Shore

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07 Swimming Pool

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08 Middle Road

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09 Alone

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10 All I Ever Had

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11 World Could End

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