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Robot Heart, The
独立流行 , 独立摇滚
Bleeding Heart

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来自英国Brighton的四人电音民谣乐队,五月份曾发过一张EP,叫Dust,当时就被里面一首Lost In Stereo所吸引,我发现他们的歌总是那么迷失于阴暗呢,与唱片发名字很切合。

It would be easy to label this with the awful Folktronica tag but that would be a disservice.

The Robot Heart are a 4 member band, all who all sing, making for a lush wash of voices on most of the tracks. Following on form their previous “Dust” EP, lead singer and main songsmith Tom Marsh has written a sadly personal and heartfelt collection of songs, mostly of loss, yet all shot through with rays of hope. The sound of dark clouds (slowly) lifting.

Along with from the lush, soft female backing vocals from the fantastically named Astra Forward, the finger picked acoustic guitar, and ambient electronics, there are some graceful musical touches on this disc. The wordless and dramatic “Raining Stones”, the opening piano arpeggio and slowly building, swirling chorus of “Lost In Stereo”, and the combination of melancholic lyrics with uplifting backing on “Static”.

You get the sense this is a band making music for its own sake, creating something special, not for the fame, fortune or notoriety of promotional treadmills, but for the sake of self-expression. Such is the cathartic nature of the songs. The fact that the band began by hosting their own grass-roots club nights in Brighton is testimony to their belief in creating safe havens for creativity.

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01 Singing To The Ghost

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02 Static

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03 Raining Stones

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04 Crossing The Desert In A Taxi

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05 Lost In Stereo

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06 Silence

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07 The Robot Heart

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08 Piano Intermission

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09 After The Starfire

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10 The Machine

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