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01 第一直觉

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02 隔岸观火

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03 伤口

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04 Berdiri

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05 兵兵有理

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06 Get The Fuck Off (GTFO)

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07 操之在我

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Mad August的个人档案


Make A Difference The band was formed in August 24th (2011) and the band’s name was derived from their critical decision in the month of August, whether to pursue their dreams in music scene or to stay ordinary as others. The concept behind the name “MAD” is actually an abbreviation of a philosophical slogan – “Make A Difference”. It pledges that everyone can make a difference in life, even with a least of strength. The main principles of the band’s initial “MAD” includes creative, peace & environmental caring. The word “August” which in numeric 8 - refers to success, opportunity & strength. We create an icon via music as a medium to manifest this ideology. This icon is a leader, an image, and a symbol of encouragement about living life to its fullness with courage.

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