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01 There Is A Hole In My Mouth

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02 Out Of Mirror

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03 Sugar Light

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04 My Dear Bella

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05 Road To My Map

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06 IC

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07 May 36th

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When Senders talks about music , he is talking about his life, not only lofty ideals and objectives . "Life is Live." His philosophy of life complement with his musical ideas , never stop explore , all highlight spots on his performance are way stations . In 2009 , Senders started live performance his own works of Synth-pop, IDM, Ambient music, based on Live-set and DJ . He performed in Mao Livehouse, DADA Bar, Lantern Club, D22+XP bar. In 2013, he became a multiple-style electronic musician. In Dec. 2013 , Senders regroup the indie-podcast & party-organizer "Slumber Station". He organise parties every season, and make electronic music podcast . "Slumber Station" became one of the very first batch verified podcast on "NETEASY Cloud Music" . Maybe Senders is different from the normal Chinese DJ, he don`t simply "play" music, pop music, top list . Senders want to pass informations to each fan :Indie,Minimal,Technical,Creativity. No matter facing the livehouse-people,clubing-animal,or any internet-fans, every music scene & party , Senders always passion for performing. Important Performance: 2013-6-1 Guest DJ of Nick Zinner(Yeah Yeah Yeahs)(NY)China Tour,DADA Bar Beijing 2013-10-7 'OCEAN' Xcode Shenyang Party 2013-10-9 'Perrier' Dinner Party @Beijing 2013-10-31 'Electro-Halloween' @MAKO Beijing 2013-11-9 'Woods' XCode Shenyang Party 2013-11-11 'Singles` Night' @DADA Bar Beijing 2014-1-25 Slumber Station 'Sealed' Party @DADA Bar Beijing 2014-3-15 5-hours DJ Set @Siif Bar Beijing 2014-6-13 Slumber Station Night@Lantern Club Beijing 2014-7-31 'Raw Meat' + Senders` Birthday @DADA Bar Beijing 2014-8-15 'Bass Terror'@C-Union Guangzhou 2014-10-31 'Zombie!!!!'@MAKO Beijing 2014-11-11 'Great Singles` Daning Night'@DADA Bar Beijing 2014-12-25 Retro X`mas @DADA Bar Beijing 2015-1-1 New Year`s Digital Freedom@DADA Bar Beijing 2015-2-6 5-hours DJ Set+Live-Set @Siif Bar Beijing 2015-2-12 Raw Meat 'Sealed' @DADA Bar Beijing 2015-3-5 Lantern Festival @DADA Bar Beijing 2015-3-26 MHP(SH)@DADA Bar Beijing 2015-4-5 Coco Vancleef+Guoji @DADA Bar Beijing Releases: 2010 EP ( Techno / Deep-House ) 2013 V.A ( Dark Techno / Dubstep ) 2014 EP ( Techno / Deep-House ) 2014 EP ( Dark Techno / Dubstep ) 2015 Album (Techno/Minimal)

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