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序号 歌曲

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01 我心深处 Believe me if all those endearing young charm new

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02 安妮的仙境 Annie’s Wonderland

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03 El Condor Pasa高清MV

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04 丹尼男孩 Danny Boy new

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05 The Wind Of Change高清MV

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06 Annie's Wonderland高清MV

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07 真实的一天 (The Day of Truth)

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08 亚特兰提斯的孩子 (Children Of Atlantis)

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09 儿时记忆 Childhoood Memory

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10 Adagio in Minor高清MV

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--English introduction

The Bandari Project itself has become an extreme successful product for AVC on a worldwide level.Bandari stands for its own melodious,transparent style within a enormous number of meditation products.Every time you plunge into these impressive music,the stress of everyday’s life will be cured. 

In an age of increasing modernization and alienation marked by the threating,omnipresent shadow of civilization,the desire and need for inner peace and harmony becomes increasingly significan.Bandari’s mystic sonorities convey a sense of peace and security.The spheric sounds colored by touches of exotic harmonies create an inner balance with the world and its many cultures.An hour of sensual meditation,a truly unique listening experience. 

A group of young,enthusiastic musicians,composers and sound developers is the moving force behind the name bandari.Musical supervisor of the bandari project is Oliver Schwarz,a multi-talented German producer and composer who has worked in various musical fields over the years successfully.He has worked for successful Dance Acts such as Black¢∫White with excellent results in Japan.He has worked together with other famous producers such as Alex Christensen,who has produced(together with Frank Petersen)the Mega-Techno-Hit U96-Das Boot(from the famous movie)or the world famous title〃Time To Say Goodbye〃sung by Sarah Brightman & Anderea Boccelli.