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01 So Far Gone (Album Version)

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02 So Far Gone

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03 One More Chance

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04 Kiss 'N' Tell

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05 Broken Man

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06 Another Lesson In Love

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07 Alive For The First Time

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08 Used and Abused

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09 Things

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10 Your Kind (Speak To Me)

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Danger Radio (sometimes stylized as Danger: Radio) is an American rock band fromEdmonds, Washington.

Danger Radio's lead vocalist (Andrew de Torres of The Scene Aesthetic) and drummer (Nico Hartikainen) met as middle schoolers, soon after adding Marvin Kunkel as bassist for talent shows and school gigs. Soon after Matt Goodwin and Spencer Mertel were added in addition to the band, both playing guitars. They recorded a few demos under the name Chasing Tomorrow but later changed the name to Danger Radio before recording their first EP titled The Difference Between Love And Envy which was produced by Casey Bates (Gatsby's American DreamPortugal.The ManThis Providence).

In early 2005, Matt Goodwin and Spencer Mertel left the band after the EP and were replaced by Andy Brookins and Elan Wright, soon after keyboardist Jackson Kellock joined the band making Danger Radio a six man band.

With the new line up of members Danger Radio recorded a 2005 demo, which would had early versions of songs that would later make it to the Punch Your Lights Out EP, which was produced by Tom Pfaeffle (Gatsbys American Dream, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Wild Orchid Children).

In late 2006, Jackson parted ways with the band and was replaced by Spencer Phillips in 2007. Shortly after Danger Radio was signed to Photo Finish Records, they released an EP, Punch Your Lights Out, in 2007.

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