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01 The Homecoming

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02 Frost at Midnight

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03 Silk Threads

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04 Brave Tin Soldiers

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05 Cat’s Cradle

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06 Gathering Shadows

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07 Love Gets Dangerous

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08 Miss Sauvignon

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09 Black Rose

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10 The Burial of Love

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Sarah Nixey (born 21 December 1973 in Dorset, England) is a British singer songwriter, best known as the vocalist in Black Box Recorder. Her debut solo album, Sing, Memory, was released on 19 February 2007.
Whilst working as a backing vocalist for the folk band Balloon, Sarah Nixey was approached by John Moore (who had been the drummer for The Jesus and Mary Chain) and Luke Haines (frontman of The Auteurs), who had formed a duo and were looking for a vocalist. The duo convinced Nixey to join them by promising her that she would become famous[1], and in 1998, Black Box Recorder released their first album, England Made Me to critical acclaim.

Their second album, The Facts Of Life, followed in 2000, and spawned a top 20 single of the same name, which saw the group perform on BBC's "Top Of The Pops". A further single followed, and in 2001, Nixey married John Moore, and they had a daughter together (Nixey and Moore divorced in 2006). In 2003, Black Box Recorder released their third album, Passionoia; their first and only album for One Little Indian records, following the demise of Nude Records.

In 2004, Black Box Recorder went on hiatus; not officially splitting, but with all 3 members deciding to pursue solo projects. In late 2005, Nixey announced she was working on a solo album, to be produced and co-written by James Banbury (a producer, programmer, writer and string arranger, as well as former member of The Auteurs). In mid-2006, two songs were made available on legal download services, entitled "The Collector" and "Love & Exile". A third song was made available in September, entitled "Strangelove", backed by remixes of "The Collector". Nixey's debut full-length solo album, entitled Sing, Memory, was released on 19 February 2007, following the release of her third single, "When I’m Here With You", which was released on 29 January 2007, backed with non-album track, "Watching Over You". The album was given 7/10 by the NME[2] and 6.3 by Pitchfork[3]

In December 2007, Black Box Recorder teamed up with Art Brut to create the single Christmas Number One under the collaborative title of The Black Arts. [4]

In October 2008 Black Box Recorder appeared at the Nick Sanderson (Earl Brutus) tribute concert. It was subsequently announced that the band would play their first headlining gig for five years at The Luminaire, Kilburn, London in February 2009. They then played their last gig at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London's Southbank, on 23 July 2009. A final statement was issued just prior to the 2010 UK general election stating ″on Thursday 6 May, Black Box Recorder go to the country for the last time″. Their last two recordings were Do You Believe In God? and Keep It In The Family, and are available as a download.

Sarah appeared as a guest vocalist on the track 'Water Drops on Burning Rocks' on the autumn 2009 EP 'Blips Don't Lie' by American electronic duo Microfilm.

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