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01 Run With Me Run

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02 Gloomy Monday Morning

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03 When You're Not There

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04 Everything's Fine

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05 Number Ten Girl

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06 Lead Me To Your Fire

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07 Look What You've Done

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08 Can't Stop These Tears (From Falling)

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09 How Did We Get Here

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10 Don't Be Afraid To Ask

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The Black Hollies are an American psychedelic rock band from Jersey CityNew Jersey. The Black Hollies were founded in 2005 by three members of the band Rye Coalition.

Justin Angelo Morey

Part of the impetus behind the

Herbert Joseph Wiley V
Jon Gonnelli
Nick Ferrante

 formation of the group was contractual difficulties Rye Coalition was having with labels.Ernest Jenning released the group's first 45rpm record, "Tell Me What You Want" in late 2005 shortly after the band completed the recording for their first full length. The band played their first SXSW show in March of 2006. Their debut album, Crimson Reflections, was released shortly after on April 18th, 2006. The band then embarked on a mini-tour of the East Coast with long time friend Neil McAneny, serving as tour manager and security guard. The group continued to play throughout the metropolitan area constantly and managed to support;Joan JettBlue CheerDetroit CobrasThe Greenhornes and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. In late 2006, Justin Angelo Morey joined friends, The Dansettes on bass and continued playing in both groups until the Summer of 2007 when the Dansettes disbanded. The Black Hollies began recording demos recorded on a boom box while rehearsing in Journal Square section of Jersey City.In January 2007, guitarist Jon Gonnelli relocated to Los Angeles. Local shows around this period were performed as a trio. Andy Pierce, drummer for The Dansettes filled in on drums for the band's 2007 SXSW performance. Justin Angelo Morey introduced his home made 4-track demos to Wiley and Bolasci. With childhood friend Mike Olear behind the mobile recording console, basic rhythm tracks were recorded throughout the Winter at Scott Bolasci's house. Gonnelli flew back from Los Angeles to record his tracks. On Sunday May 27, 2007, the final mixes for Casting Shadows were completed at Dead Verse Studio in Union City, NJ. Around this time a split 45rpm from The Black Hollies and The Dansettes was released on Ernest Jenning. The split contains a cover version of Joe South's "Hush" which features members of The Dansettes. In June of 2007, drummer and founding member Scott Bolasci departed on good terms with the group and to this day still remains extremely close with all current members. Nicholas Ferrante replaced Scott Bolasci and Gonnelli moved back to New Jersey to pursue The Black Hollies full time. In August 2007, Justin Angelo Morey joined the Nouvellas( Contains former members of The Dansettes. Justin Angelo remained a member until May 2008). At the beginning of 2008 The Black Hollies toured the United States and returned to Austin, TX for SXSW. Their follow up LP, Casting Shadows was officially released on March 11, 2008.The band would spend the majority of 2008 on the road throughout North America.

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