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01 Good Morning Mr Magpie

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02 Signs And Wonders

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03 Tin Man

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04 Silence Summons You

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05 Into The Sea

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06 Two By Two

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07 Home

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08 Walls Of Jericho

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09 Mephistopheles

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10 Yes Sir,Yes Sir

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Animal Kingdom are an Indie rock band from South LondonUnited Kingdom. The band signed with Warner Records in 2008. The following year they released their debut album, Signs and Wonders.

Their single " Tin Man" was "iTunes Free Single of the Week" for the week of September 28.

In 2009 they supported Snow Patrol's Take Back the Cities Tour on a number of dates. These included playingThe O2 arena (London) and the ITunes Festival#2009 on 5 July.

Animal Kingdom has been named "iTunes Best New Alternative Artist of 2009".

They have been on various tours since January 2009.

Animal Kingdom were originally known as 'The Sofa Club'.

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