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Revolution“ has to do with the view on the world and the circumstances which we – humans – created and under which we live, even though nobody is really happy with them.
For Tilo the 2 main reasons that there is no big movement against this are:

1) Bread and circuses like in old Rome. Many people can afford a TV or a Playstation and therefore believe to live in wealth, forgetting that the soul has needs that e.g. a TV can't satisfy.

2) There is no time to move against the circumstances. If you stand up to rebel you can't afford to live anymore and drop out of the system which means your ruin.
Not many people have the energy to stand up and try to start a revolution.

Tilo sees the album as a possibility to start thinking about changing some things in his lifestyle. An example is that you could have a project to work on in the enterprise you are working at and you are offered a reward if you finish the project very fast – but also a friend calls who needs your help.
If you decide for the project, usually in 5 years nobody will think of this – but a friend will definitely remember that you were there for him.
This is also the topic of one of the songs on the new album ('Weil du Hilfe brauchst' [~'Because you need help']) – the person that needs help in this song is not the protagonist and therefore the lyrics are quite unusual. The protagonist is looking at the emotional state of another person.

The tracks of 'Revolution' are connected in content and partially also in the musical dimension and they also show the multiple aspects of the 'Revolution'. It's not only politic revolution, but the topic has to do much with the world of feelings – the way how you have a revolution in yourself without your environment directly noticing about it.
Often the album is about extreme situations, of which many are also biographic.

'Revolution' is not created consciously as a kind of 'Fassade 2' – the musical dimension of 'Revolution' and 'Fassade' is in Tilo's opinion totally different, but the content of 'Revolution' can be seen as a continuation of 'Fassade'.
The big difference is that 'Fassade' describes the view on the protagonist in the society – while 'Revolution' describes the protagonist's view on the society.

For Tilo the title 'Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs' is not such a special title, as for example 'Siehst du mich im Licht?' contained the words „Dir ist es scheißegal...“.
The lyrics of Lacrimosa's songs are what Tilo feels and sometimes they are more poetic – and sometimes more direct.
The song 'Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs' is mainly there to handle the anger Tilo felt when he noticed that there is always some ass who is able to ruin the day.
After he wrote down the lyrics he was feeling relieved and he is rather able to think 'Okay, so this was today's ass – it was no surprise for me. I knew some ass would be coming' – and not bothering so much anymore.

Tilo is generally quite pissed with the situation and has problems with staying silent.
One of the songs of 'Revolution' is called just as the CD and contains the following lyris:
„Einfach aufstehen... nicht mehr wegsehen. Ich will nicht mehr schweigen.“ ['Simply getting up... not looking away any more. I don't want to stay silent anymore.']
Even though Tilo has not stayed silent in his songs before, there are of course situations in life where you just „stay silent“.
Since Tilo has a very high demand on himself for other people it might look as if he was always in a revolution, but the difference is that for him maybe the revolution begins on another level than for some other people that look at the topic differently.



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01 Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs

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03 Verloren

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04 This is the night

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05 Interlude - Feuerzug (Part I)

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06 Feuerzug (Part II)

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07 Refugium

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08 Weil Du Hilfe brauchst

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09 Rote Sinfonie

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10 Revolution高清MV

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