Pretty Wild - All the Way

All the Way
Pretty Wild
Swedmetal Records

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A 4-piece sleazy hard rock band from Sweden which formed in 2006 ,autumn 2008 Demon Doll Records released Pretty Wild's debut album. This EP contains 8 tracks, 6 original tracks one remix and a live song. The remix is a remake of the song Let the Good Times Roll and it is made into a ballad instead of a rock song. From the get-go we are treated to some pure rock n?roll songs that will bring the right spirit to a rock party. The riffs are flying out and the guitar solos are enough to make fellow Swedes John Norum and Kee Marcello proud.

First song out is All the Way and from there on the party tracks keep on coming. My favorites areLet the Good Times Roll , Dangerous and Take it Off, both with choruses that sticks like glue in my head. The ballad version of Let the Good Times Roll does not do anything for me except showing that the band can handle ballads as well, although it is the rocking that they do best.

This is very easy music to listen to and it is instantly likable but at the same time, not all songs stick. However, it's not a bad start at all and I look forward to follow this band along their career. Joey Tempest might want to check this out to get some ideas for the next Europe album, because this is how I want the eighties poodle rock to sound even today. ENJOY!!!

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01 All the Way

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02 Time

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03 Let the Good Times Roll ♪

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04 Shocking Teen

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05 Dangerous

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06 Take it Off

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07 Let the Good Times Roll (-86Mix)

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08 Dangerous (Live in L.A.)

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