New Order - The Lost Sirens

The Lost Sirens
New Order
摇滚 , 另类摇滚 , 后朋克
Rhino Records

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New Order have revealed plans to release out-takes from their final album, Waiting for the Sirens' Call. Due in December, the Lost Sirens EP will comprise eight tracks that didn't quite make it on to the band's 2005 LP and, former bassist Peter Hook said, "draw [a] line" under his split with the band.

Although New Order have yet to formally announce the release, Lost Sirens is appearing at online retail sites, Slicing Up Eyeballs reported on Wednesday. "Cutting a new piece of vinyl for New Order," tweeted Frank Arkwright, a mastering engineer at Abbey Road. According to those listings, the EP includes seven unreleased tracks, including Sugarcane, Stay With You and Californian Grass (Doomy), as well as Hellbent, which was included on Total, a New Order-Joy Division compilation issued in June.

Hook appears to be behind the release. After being left out of New Order's recent reunion, he expressed the desire to "get rid of [the unreleased] tracks in the nicest way possible". "It would be nice, from my point of view, to … at last draw the line under the New Order split-up in 2006," he told Slicing Up Eyeballs. "It hasn't felt clean in any way, to be honest." In an apparent clash with former bandmates Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris, Hook argued for the tracks to be released as a standalone album, not as part of a Waiting for the Sirens' Call reissue. "I keep telling them it will do them no good, because once one person has it, it will be up on the internet and nobody will have to buy it," Hook said.

The reunited New Order are scheduled to play four concerts next month, including their first UK gig in five years, in London on 10 December. But don't expect Hook to join them. "Too many things have been said and done," Sumner said this summer. The bassist, who has recently performed Joy Division material, doesn't seem to mind. "What I want to see is a clean slate for New Order," he told Exclaim last month. "I want to be able to look at New Order and go: 'Well, it's all finished,' and then we can all get on with our lives."



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01 I'll Stay With You

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02 Sugarcane

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03 Recoil

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04 Californian Grass

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05 Hellbent

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06 Shake It Up

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07 I've Got a Feeling

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08 I Told You So

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