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The latest from Gregory Kyryluk, aka Alpha Wave Movement, finds the artist bringing nearly 20 years of inventive electronic composition to bear on the auguring of these six new, spatial works of devastatingly beautiful soundscapes. Priding himself on using a minimal array of analog gear, reverb units, and a surfeit of imagination & ideas, Kyryluk has released one of the best AWM recordings yet, conclusive evidence that his prowess holds him as master of his electronic domain.

Kyryluk isn't content to rest on his laurels, style-wise. While it's true that the music of AWM can comfortably nestle inside such generalized genre appellations as 'space music', 'ambient', 'meditative', or 'Berlin school' (meaning the synth/sequencer approaches initialized by Teutonic forebears Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, et al), what always differentiates one AWM recording from the next is the fact that, to put a fine point on it, each does dare to be different. Kyryluk is a master of texturalizing, his working methods revealing meticulous precision and attention to detail; his sonic palette indeed comes alive through a bursting array of colors, subtle sweeps of nuance, and genuinely deft turns of tonal phrase.

As is the case with any self-respecting electronic musician's years-long dedication to building a large, reputable body of work, each record may be of a piece, the artist's innate 'sound' easily recognized, but Kyryluk takes great pains to separate his recordings' essential sonic architecture from one disc to the next. And, here on "Earthen", those decades worth of analog, digital, virtual, but always hands-on musicmaking seems to have culminated in perhaps one of the finest AWM outings thus far. Only this time, it's not only space that is the place—set your controls for the core of the planet.


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01 Immerse

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02 Earthen

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03 Pulseforms

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04 Source

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05 Helios

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06 Forest

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