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Out of the Wasteland
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Out of the Wasteland is the upcoming seventh studio album by American rock band Lifehouse. The album is scheduled to be released on May 26 and will be their first new album under Ironworks Music.

After a lukewarm reception to the band's previous album Almeria, Lifehouse refrained from touring and announced in July 2013 that they would spend time focusing on each member's respective solo project. Drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. began touring with the Goo Goo Dolls; bassist Bryce Soderberg initiated a new band titled KOMOX; lead guitarist Ben Carey left the band to continue work in country rock band Elvis Monroe; and singer/songwriter Jason Wade worked on a solo record titled Paper Cuts.

In his home studio, Wade wrote approximately 70 songs in genres including country and singer-songwriter over the course of 18 months. Said Wade, "as soon as I wrote "Flight" and "Hurricane," that's when it really started to sink in that I wanted to get the band back together... Those songs started to feel like quintessential Lifehouse tracks. I called the guys up to finish the album together. This is a full circle for us. It really sees us returning to our roots."

Lifehouse released "Flight" independently for digital download on November 18, and announced that a new album would be released in April 2015 titled Seven. On November 20, the band began a contest through online music design agency Creative Allies for fans and graphic designers to create the official album cover. The contest closed on 15 December, and a winner was chosen in early January.

On January 27, Lifehouse revealed through that the album would be titled Out of the Wasteland and released May 19, 2015 under Ironworks Music. Due to the name change, a new album cover was revealed, incorporating elements of the winning design. Along with the track listing for the standard edition of the album, the first radio single "Hurricane" was released for digital download the same day. On April 7, the album was made available for pre-order in a variety of collector's packages, with the release date moved back one week to May 26.

"I feel like we've come around full circle," frontman Jason Wade told CBS News. "I feel like we're starting all over again - like we found those kids in the garage who are excited to play music again."

And because of their reinvigorated passion for music, the creation process felt pretty quick and easy for the band.

Wade said that the band is staying true to its roots this time with the new album, and it will be quite different from their 2012 release Almeria. The album title is also reflective of the current situation of their musical journey.

"The title represents a new era for the band, leaving the record label Interscope and adopting this sort of do-it-yourself mentality. It's a new era," said Wade.

He added that new songs from the album such as "Hurricane" and "Flight" reminded him so much of quintessential-sounding Lifehouse tracks from a long time ago, and the band is very excited for their fans to hear it.

According to Wade, the song "Hurricane" is about resilience and "refusing to give up on somebody that you love when you're going through a difficult time." He described it as being similar to "Hanging By a Moment," the song that propelled the band into mainstream success back in 2001.

Wade recalled how things were before "Hanging By a Moment." They would play songs during tours and people would either stand up to get a beer or go take a bathroom break. But after the success of "Hanging By a Moment," things changed and they started opening songs for popular bands such as Matchbox 20.

"It was really surreal. We didn't expect it. We were just trying to stay present as these moments were happening to us," he said.

Lifehouse's music is pretty diverse so people have a difficult time fitting them into a specific genre, and Wade is comfortable with that.

"I feel like we've never really fit in at all. I feel like people try to put us in different genres but we've always just wanted to play good music," he said.



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01 Hurricane

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02 One for the Pain

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03 Flight

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04 Runaways

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05 Firing Squad

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06 Wish

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07 Stardust

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08 Alien

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09 Central Park

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10 Hurt This Way

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11 Yesterday's Son

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12 Hourglass

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