Chabtan - The Kiss of Coatlicue

The Kiss of Coatlicue
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CHABTAN, french metal band from Paris formed in 2011, draws its influences in deathcore and melodic death metal (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Betraying The Martyrs…) and offer a concept based on Mesoamerican mythologies.

The first album “The Kiss Of Coatlicue” represents the mixture of their different influences with the desire to make a modern French metal album. Their interest in Mesoamerican legends helped them to propose a cultural approach to the texts and a mystical atmosphere to their various artworks and soundscapes.

This album was entirely composed and self produced by the band in 2014/2015. The lyrics are inspired by the violent and bloody legends described in the book “Popol Vuh” which was the equivalent of the “Bible” for the Mesoamerican people.

It was recorded by Andrew Guillotin (France) who had previously worked on the first EP “Eleven” released in 2013, and mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom (Sweden) with the main objective to have a powerful and aggressive sound like the Scandinavian can do.

The artwork of the album was designed by Colin Marks (England), from an idea of CHABTAN, and whose style was perfect for the atmosphere they wanted to give their first album.

‘The Kiss Of Coatlicue’ will be released worldwide via Mighty Music May 25th. 2015!


Cristofer Rousseau – Vocals, Jean-Philippe Porteux – Guitar, Dimitri Merly – Guitar, Laurent Gasperetti – Bass, Yanis Bergheul – Drums

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