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Australian artist Lenka announced that she will be releasing a new album, “The Bright Side”, on June 16th, 2015.

Lenka began her artistic career as a Sydney-based television personality and went on to become an accomplished actress in her adolescence through her early adult years. Her musical career began when she became the lead singer of the seminal Australian rock band, Decoder Ring. But, after two albums, Lenka left the band, and moved to America. First, she settled in Los Angeles, and later moved to Brooklyn, New York, as she established herself as a successful recording artist and songwriter.

“The Show”, a song on Lenka’s first self-titled solo album, was used in the film “Moneyball”, along with many other commercials, served to put Lenka on the map in North America, Europe, Asia, and various other places around the world. Additionally, her song “Everything at Once” was used during the Microsoft Windows 8 global commercial, and that only further cemented Lenka’s place in modern music. According to a press release, American actor & singer Billy Crystal even sang one of her songs on the 2012 edition of the Academy Awards.

To date, Lenka has released three albums: the aforementioned self-titled “Lenka”, her upbeat and infectious sophomore album “Two”, and “Shadows”, an album of lullabies.

Now, she has announced plans for her fourth album, “The Bright Side”. According to her PR representatives, the new album will be released on the 16th of June 2015.

Lenka worked on “The Bright Side”, while also composing music for television and films. And, she’s been collaborating with her husband, James Gulliver Hancock, to create visual art and music videos that make her live shows an unusual, but enchanted experience. Their collaborations have also garnered Lenka over a million views on Youtube, according to a press release.

This week, Lenka premiered the first single from her new album on The FADER. It’s called, “Blue Skies”. And, Duncan Cooper of The FADER describes the song as starting “from a place that’s a bit more down,” when compared to Lenka’s previous releases.

While the track may be less peppy than Lenka’s older material, in an email interview conducted with The FADER, Lenka explained how the song came to fruition, and she also discussed her own interpretation of “Blue Skies”.

“‘Blue Skies’ was written in my car on a stormy day, singing to my little boy in the back seat,” she said in the email. “It’s about hope for the future and a feeling of certainty that everything will go our way. It’s about seeing though the dark and stormy times with the ones you love.”

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02 Blue Skies

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03 Free

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04 Unique高清MV

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05 Get Together

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06 Go Deeper

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07 We Are Powerful

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08 My Love

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09 Hearts Brighter

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10 The Bright Side

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