Louis La Roche - To Rest Is To Rust

To Rest Is To Rust
Louis La Roche
Ever After Records

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Since establishing his Louis La Roche alias in 2008, Brett Ewels has spent the last 7 years perfecting his craft, intentionally holding back on a debut album release. “I’ve progressed so much as a musician and producer over the past few years. I’ve written and rewritten numerous album attempts, ever surpassing the last. I wanted to make sure my debut album was the best work of my ability and more than just a collection of throwaway club tracks. The songs on To Rest Is To Rust work together as a piece of art and sum up who I am as an artist at this point in my career.”

Unlike previous releases, Louis includes his own vocals on 10 of the 11 tracks. “I’ve always used my voice for getting rough melodies down – I sing into my phone and listen back to the recordings whilst I’m writing. The melodies usually end up becoming the bass, lead line or chord structure, but this time around I wanted to challenge myself by utilising my singing voice. Lyrically the album is inspired by past and present relationships."

The lead single 'Just Like You' is an infectious, three and a half minute, synth-laden pop song busting with summer funk and feel-good vibes. It is released by Ever After Records on 1st June 2015.

The debut album 'To Rest Is To Rust' follows shortly after, available in digital format on 6th July 2015.



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01 Bright Future

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02 Let Me Go

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03 Mainline

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04 Just Like You

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05 Undercover Lover

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06 Tonight

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07 Direct Drive

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08 Lonely Girl - Louis La Roche&Crystal Bats

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09 Excuses

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10 Give Our Love A Chance

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11 Jealousy

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