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The Light Fantastic
Cara Luft
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Wow, the past few months have been crazy... SXSW was intense -- heat and people and music and a GREAT organic grocery superstore! I have never walked (or eaten) so much in my life. Well, except for the last time I was in Austin :) hee hee

The Light Fantastic is out!!! The CD package looks gorgeous. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the road. The Wpg release show is May 17 and promises to be much fun. Our good friends the Angry Dads are opening (they are a blast).

I'm off to the UK in a few days to open 11 shows for James Keelaghan. Should be fun re-learning how to drive a stick shift on the other side of the road.

Highlights from the past few days:

- going to a social (a Manitoba phenomena) called Boobalicious -- it was a great evening of airbands and dance-floor craziness... hooray for classic 80's rock!
- admiring my new friend Cass' tattoo of an avocado. Talk about unique!
- riding my bike
- sitting in the sun at the Long & McQuade parking lot... nothing like asphalt to heat you up! :)

Peace out -


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01 There's a train

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02 No friend of mine

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03 Talk for awhile

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04 Black water side

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05 Lord roslyn's daughter

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06 Give it up

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07 No strength

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08 Wilcox

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09 Jerusalem

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10 Down to the river

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11 Falling away

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12 The light

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13 Settle for grey

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